Thursday, September 21, 2017

Random things that make you want to live on Fair Isle

Home - The Auld Haa House

The view and Jimmy's Sheep

My Son



Risso Dolphins fins seen from my window.

The Light

The open spaces

Bones and beachcombing

 Moments of extreme awesomeness

Watching the sunset and letting things go.

Friday, August 18, 2017

It's Time to Say Goodbye to the Puffins

I felt lucky to take this Photo today,
or even see a Puffin this late in August.

I have been in the States for the past 2 weeks, and thought the Puffins would be gone before I got back. But today huge numbers were flying around the northern cliffs below the South Lighthouse. Fabulous sight to remember until Spring. I am enjoying being back on Fair Isle and it is always nice to get out for a walk with my camera and my friend Graham.


last taste of dirt for awhile....

A stunning landscape like this is hard to leave.

Wheatear on my Wire Bird Sculpture 

My Wire Bird Sculpture stuck in a post along the north lighthouse road.

Goose Barnacles

Beach Bones

Sheep Rock

Love Fair Isle

Goodbye Puffins! Be careful this Winter out at Sea...

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Orcas! Killer Whales! Fair Isle! Shetland!

Seal Hunting pod of Orca.

I saw six Killers, a Bull, two female, one young adult and two young ones.

I was waiting for the the Killer Whales to come south after seeing them go around Sheep Rock. so i drove to the south Harbour and waited on the Skaddon tip and they came to me eventually. While I was waiting I could see a few Seals looking at me, I though great! bait! Sure enough drama in nature right infront of me.

A seal kill! blood in the water as I look on.

Blood in the mouth of a young Killer Whale feeding.

Watch a bit of video!

I have way more but it takes forever to upload to youtube from here with our crap wifi.

The seen of the crime.
The South Harbour looking back on the Auld Haa
 and the rest of the Isle.

and then suddenly they are gone...

but what fun to see and take pictures of... big smile here!

but the Puffins are still here...

and we have lovely sunsets seen from the north of the Isle these days.

everyone enjoys a good Sunset.

You've got to love it...
Fair Isle has plenty for us hopeless romantic dreamers types.

cheers Tommy

Friday, June 23, 2017

Two years go with Ben Fogle.

Fishing with Tommy, Jimmy, Daniel and Ben Fogle

Two years ago Ben Fogle and film crew were here telling the story of living on Fair Isle though my life experiences in this amazing place. It was great and well done. I wasn't prepared for the attention of a international TV show focused on my personal life and the aftermath of social media.  So many people feel they know me now and I guess they do in very one sided away. It is funny to be recognized by people while travelling in Britain. I know nothing of them and they know all about me and my son. it is a really awkward and new situation for me. It is a little insight to celebrity and I didn't know how to handle it in my personal life. Recently I have realized I needed to let go of all the personal attention of so many well meaning people around the the world because I should of been focus on the realities I could touch. I enjoy sharing my photographs and love of Fair Isle to the public and hope that it might inspire you to visit one day and that is why I did the TV show in the first place.

I have blogged about this before here are links:

Fair Isle, amazing landscape and wildlife

Ben Fogle, our guest at the Auld Haa Guesthouse

Fulmar on wing from the north cliffs.

Seal on the beach video

Yes Ben Fogle was nice, very genuine, much as  he appears on TV. That is why he is so good on camera. It was a pleasure to meet him, no we don't keep in touch. I would bet he will be back one day, not to see me but the island again.

I think Fair Isle has cast it's spell
as it often does to dreamers like us.

Fair Isle can even cast it's spell on TV.  did it get you?