Friday, June 23, 2017

Two years go with Ben Fogle.

Fishing with Tommy, Jimmy, Daniel and Ben Fogle

Two years ago Ben Fogle and film crew were here telling the story of living on Fair Isle though my life experiences in this amazing place. It was great and well done. I wasn't prepared for the attention of a international TV show focused on my personal life and the aftermath of social media.  So many people feel they know me now and I guess they do in very one sided away. It is funny to be recognized by people while travelling in Britain. I know nothing of them and they know all about me and my son. it is a really awkward and new situation for me. It is a little insight to celebrity and I didn't know how to handle it in my personal life. Recently I have realized I needed to let go of all the personal attention of so many well meaning people around the the world because I should of been focus on the realities I could touch. I enjoy sharing my photographs and love of Fair Isle to the public and hope that it might inspire you to visit one day and that is why I did the TV show in the first place.

I have blogged about this before here are links:

Fair Isle, amazing landscape and wildlife

Ben Fogle, our guest at the Auld Haa Guesthouse

Fulmar on wing from the north cliffs.

Seal on the beach video

Yes Ben Fogle was nice, very genuine, much as  he appears on TV. That is why he is so good on camera. It was a pleasure to meet him, no we don't keep in touch. I would bet he will be back one day, not to see me but the island again.

I think Fair Isle has cast it's spell
as it often does to dreamers like us.

Fair Isle can even cast it's spell on TV.  did it get you?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day from Fair Isle

Happy Father's Day from Fair Isle's South Harbour Beach.

Henry and I had a little outing messing about with rocks and things,
simply just enjoying our time together.

An odd Duck?
Long-tailed Ducks are an odd sight in the Summer?

An odd Man

Sunset at the South Lighthouse


Monday, June 05, 2017

Sunset at the North Lighthouse

The North Lighthouse and the newly restored and painted guard rail
 along the north road as it passes the great hole that goes all the way down to the Sea,
 known as the "Kirn O' Skroo"

North Lighthouse, also known as the Skroo Lighthouse.

Fog rolls in over the north.


Atlantic Puffin with the sunset reflected in the Ocean.

Watching the sunset is good for my soul.

The clouds light up after the sun goes down.

Puffin after Sunset.

Good night. x

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tidepooling in Lerwick with Henry.

Sea Urchin - Lerwick Harbour

Henry searching the Rockpools

Squat Lobster

A broken shell that looks like a Skull.

No Spoon? use a Razor Clam Shell.

The passing Northlink.


Henry could not come back to Fair Isle for the weekend,
in fear he would miss his exams...

So I came out to be with him in Lerwick.

We always have fun!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter! Random Photograrphs from this Morning.

Happy Easter from Fair Isle!
 I took a trip around the Isle this afternoon with my camera in tow,
 these are a few random photos from today. cheers!

They look like such a pair of trouble makers.

The family unit... Single Mom and two kids.

My favourite! the Spotty Lamb.

^The Milk Machine.

Trying out the new legs.

Lying down with the Lamb.

Triona's Primroses

Driving up the north road I notice the first hill lamb
 of the Shetland breed has been born a bit early.

I tried to get a photo of the Hill Lamb,
but they are too wild up there and ran away.

Good Cluck!

The Ponies

Angie's Highland Coos.

Love on the beach.



Fair Isle Wren


Fulmar in the North.
My favourite! The little spotty lamb, Sooo cute!